Master's in Indigenous Studies (MIS)
Insight into Global Indigenous Issues

Our programme
Indigenous studies at the University of Tromsø offers you the opportunity to learn more about indigenous peoples around the world. The programme gives you a unique opportunity to specialise in comparative indigenous issues, with perspectives from the fields of history, social anthropology, political sciences and law and culture and language.

With this educational background, you will be qualified for work within teaching and education, promotion and implementation of indigenous issues internationally, civil society organisations, government and public sector, project management, and for further research and studies in indigenous issues.

The programme is designed to give students an expertise in understanding and critically analysing the situation of indigenous peoples in terms of legal rights, political situations, economic adaptions, textual representations and individual and collective identifications with their cultural heritage.

The programme is open to both international and Norwegian applicants, and we welcome applications from both indigenous and non-indigenous students.

Our university
The University of Tromsø has approximately 9000 students at undergraduate, Master's and PhD levels. Located at 70 degrees north, it is the northernmost university in the world, and offers studies in most subject areas.

Our deadlines

15 April(applicants with proficiency in Norwegian)

1 December (International applicants)

Information about admission to the University of Tromsø: and

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